Why Frameless Shower Enclosures Are the Best

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Modernization is a gift that should be embraced and not something to be resented. In the current ever-expanding and trendy industry dealing with bathroom accessories and their manufacturing, research is done to come up with the perfect design. This has resulted in us being gifted with frameless shower enclosures.

However, for some people, the number of options available may be overwhelming. A simple fixture, like the shower door, is also available in numerous styles and varieties. Frameless shower enclosures can easily be included among these options and have many benefits that can help enhance your home significantly

It can become difficult to keep up with all the trends and options available in the fixtures for your home. It is important to remain updated with the modern times and your bathroom is an excellent place to start moving forward with. When you understand the changes available to you, you will have better luck planning the next step. Here are some reasons why frameless shower enclosures are the more preferred option compared to other alternatives.

  • Resilient by Nature

The design of frameless shower enclosures has proven to be sturdy and tough compared to other more traditional designs. Hence, durability is one of the key selling features of the product. This is due to the manufacturers’ deliberate intention to reduce their clients’ frequent trips to replace various parts. To provide a product that scores well with durability, sellers put emphasis on frameless shower enclosures. Ideally, standard glass has a thickness ranging between ½ inch and ¾ inch. This is done to make the product structurally safe and sound to be installed in a home. The glass is also made to be scratch resistant, preserving its beauty for longer.

  • Elegant and Modern Design

One of the reasons that most people prefer frameless shower enclosures is because of their appearance and modern designs. If you are among those who are intrigued by class and elegance, a frameless shower enclosure will surely be a much-appreciated product. They are available in numerous shapes, sizes and designs that can fit into diverse preferences across the market. They have the ability to offer a more pleasing aesthetic appearance compared to traditional shower enclosure designs that have hard lines and glaring frames. Also, you can choose tempered or frosted pane glass, depending on your specific needs.

  • Helps Maximize Space

Wet room screens and frameless shower enclosures are definitely a worthwhile investment for people planning to maximise the openness and space of the room. This can be done without having to compromise on the design.

The vivid transparency and the lack of a frame allow you to extensively save space and give the shower area a look of being larger. Its frameless design is a great plus on innovative design. There are also numerous forms of glass that can be selected to be installed with frameless shower enclosures, such as, bowed, etched or patterned. Hence, it is also capable of providing variety depending on the customer’s needs. However, you should remember that the type of door plays a big role in the utilisation of the space available. Since pivot doors occupy less space than hinged doors, they are the more preferable option. The safest bet is the sliding door as it can help optimize the space available in the best possible way.

  • A Cost-Effective Choice

Since no metal product is used by manufacturers in frameless shower enclosures, homeowners don’t have to face any issues with corrosion. This means that you will not have to change any parts, making it a great investment option for you. It provides a great advantage for buyers as they do not need to worry about replacing parts once the enclosure is installed in the bathroom. Also, because they lack frames, there are fewer components that can break. However, remember that the quality of materials used, and the nature of the panel are what determines the cost of the complete enclosure.

  • Showcases the Internal Beauty

Due to the design of frameless shower enclosures being made entirely of glass, it provides the opportunity to showcase the other exquisite components present in the interior. It could be anything from bath fixtures, interior decors to the tiles installed. Also, the absence of any form of support needed for metal parts and sliding doors means that most of the glass doors are operated solely using hinges.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Since there are no aluminium frames present in frameless shower enclosures, you do not have to fear rust from prolonged water contact. Also, soap residue and water spots can easily be removed as there is better access to the glass panes. There are fewer areas for dirt to accumulate. This allows you to have a clean space whenever you use the area. Because of its design, it is easy to restore its appearance to a new look after every cleaning.

  • Completely Transparent

When a shower area has frosted or opaque glass, it can make the area look cramped and the shower area confined. Clear and transparent glass can make the bathroom look much larger as it is easily tucked away in the corner. Another advantage that a frameless shower enclosure with clear glass provides is that the door is barely noticeable. This makes it a major seller compared to other shower enclosures. These are a few of the reasons that frameless shower enclosures have succeeded in altering the bathroom space into an area that exhibits peaceful bliss and luxury.

  • Guaranteed Safety

As far as frameless shower enclosures are concerned, for most homeowners, safety is the primary concern. They are worried about the glass breaking or shattering. However, there is nothing to worry about as the safety of the users is guaranteed. The edges of the enclosure are extensively filed, giving a smooth surface, ensuring maximum safety even for those with sensitive skin. This ensures you don’t get any scratches or cuts while entering or exiting the shower area. Also, most companies provide tempered glass which is resilient, and hence, you will not have to worry about glass breaking or shattering.

Complements the Interiors

This is another outstanding feature provided by frameless shower enclosures. A contemporary enclosure has the ability to complement any design of shower surfaces, whether they are made of granite, tile or marble. Homeowners also have the opportunity of displaying their trendy faucets, shower heads and fixtures along with the rest of their beautiful decor that you have invested in. The highly decorated lighting also has the advantage of being showcased.

Choosing the right shower enclosure can be a huge task. Numerous factors should be considered when you are out shopping for your frameless shower enclosure. Remember to consider the space available in your bathroom, as it is a key component in deciding the size and shape of the enclosure. Your choices will also greatly depend on the designs available in the market.