Types of Modern Bathroom Mirrors

Modern Bathroom Mirrors

Cleverly incorporating mirrors in your bathroom can create an illusion of space, more room than there actually is. This can be really useful as the bathroom is usually the smallest room in a house.

Mirrors provide many benefits along with being handy for checking that you don’t have toothpaste all over your face or if your makeup is okay, mirrors provide many benefits. A mirror can be so much more than just something you use to see yourself. It may include a heated steam-free padding, an infra-red sensor, shaver socket or even ambient lighting.

If you’re someone who likes classic mirrors, you can opt for those too. But, if the above-mentioned features sound interesting to you, you can read on and learn about the different types of mirrors that are available these days.

  • LED Mirrors

They are environmentally friendly and a stylish addition to any bathroom. Small LEDs within the mirror create a practical and attractive lighting that helps you avoid huge energy bills. Battery operated LED mirrors also save you the electrician’s bill since they don’t require installation. LED mirrors with lighting in the front and back, create an ambient backlighting around the mirror, adding an inviting and warm feeling to your bathroom.

  • Infinity Mirrors

These mirrors have only recently come into fashion and are a brilliant talking point. LED lights are angled to create the effect of an endless light series. They create a modern and stylish look providing an impressive effect that enhances any style of bathroom. However, their reflection will not be as clear as conventional mirrors. Remember this before deciding to place one in your bathroom.

  • Fluorescent Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors are among the most popular types of mirrors. Fluorescent lighting tubes are placed behind the mirrors with etched glass that allows light to pass through it. The faint light is sufficient to shave, apply makeup, or perform any other task.

  • Heated Demister Mirrors

Everybody has faced the situation where they have stepped out of a bath or shower and can’t see themselves in the mirror because there is condensation accumulated on the surface. Heated mirrors are a practical solution to this problem. A very thin demisting heating pad is placed on the backside of the mirror to stop the condensation and the steam from building up.

  • Shaving Socket Mirrors

These types of mirrors have a practical design and are perfect for gents who are constantly looking for practicality and ease in everyday life. Shaving socket mirrors provide perfect lighting, typically fluorescent or LED. They have a conveniently placed shaving socket which allows you to operate and charge your electric shaver easily. Even though it’s called a shaving socket mirror, it can also be used to charge electric toothbrushes.

  • Mirrors without Lights

They are elegant, simple and often the first choice for a contemporary and minimalistic look. You may be among few of those who might not want fluorescent or LED lights in their mirrors. In such case, you can choose a non-illuminated mirror. They’re available with integrated shelves and in a wide variety of sizes.

  • Cabinet Mirrors

These are simple mirrors which also offer that much-needed storage space. They’re available in numerous types, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with double-sided mirrors and replaceable glass shelving. They may also include fluorescent and LED lights, shaving sockets, and infra-red sensors to turn them on and off. Aluminium is considered the best material for cabinet mirrors.

So, there you go! There is an overwhelming variety of bathroom mirrors available. This post should help you make an informed decision regarding which one will fit best in your bathroom.