Transforming Your Bathroom Interiors with Custom Mirrors

Decorating your bathroom with custom mirrors can instantly enhance the look of your bathroom interiors. They reflect more light, add dimension and colour to the space, creating a beautiful focal point. However, this can only happen if they are strategically placed.

In this blog post, we’ll give you some ideas on how you can use custom mirrors in your bathroom to change it into your own personal secluded haven.

  • To Add More Light and Dimension

Most bathrooms aren’t well-lit. Custom designed mirrors come in various cuts, designs and finishes, to enhance and amplify light, both natural and artificial. The trick is to place the mirror on the opposite wall of the light source or windows.

The mirror will also create the illusion of more space and make your bathroom appear larger. For a large bathroom, place the mirror at a location that captures a wide section of the bathroom and can be viewed from different angles. This is especially helpful for small and constricted bathrooms. Consider using multiple small-sized framed mirrors in small bathrooms to create a larger illusion of space.

  • To Spruce Up Your Vanity

Change the way your bathroom vanity looks by replacing the vanity mirror with a stylish custom one. Note that the ideal custom mirror for your vanity is one that corresponds to your bathroom decor. Be it a single or double vanity, use a mirror that extends throughout the length of the vanity or beyond instead of small sized mirrors. It’ll instantly spruce up the appearance of your bathroom. You can choose from various styles of framed and frameless custom mirrors.

  • To Mask Oddly Shaped Walls

Custom-cut mirrors can also help to mask an oddly shaped wall. They’ll cover up the irregular angle of the wall and boost the illusion of a symmetrical surface. To create this effect, use multiple small mirrors in a way that they reflect and repeat the decor of your space. Ask for help from a professional interior decorator if you’re unable to figure out how to create symmetry in your bathroom using custom mirrors.

  • To Enhance Your Bathroom Decor

Treat mirrors as individual decor items for your bathroom as they can be used as versatile art pieces. Custom mirrors are available in various shapes like rectangle, oval, circular, hexagon, square or diamond. Also, there’s an extensive variety of designed frames. Select custom mirrors according to your tastes (ornate or modern) and recreate the style of your bathroom. Just make sure that they complement the walls, floor, bathroom cabinetry, other decor items, and the entire colour scheme of the bathroom.

For more ideas on transforming the look of your bathroom with custom mirrors, check out Pinterest. If you’re looking for superior custom mirrors for your bathroom or other living areas of your home, contact Shower Lagoon. Visit our showroom at Woodbridge or call us at 1-905-265-1476 for a free quote.