Custom Glass Shower Doors, Enclosures and Mirrors in Toronto

The Best in Glass and Mirrors for Your Home

When designing or remodelling your bathroom, install a custom glass shower that is professionally designed by Shower Lagoon to create a spectacular statement and add value to your home. We offer a wide variety of hardware finishes which can enhance the decor of your home. Extend the beauty of glass beyond the bathroom and into the rest of your home by installing custom mirrors and glass railings. The possibilities are unlimited. Our time-tested products are reliable and can ensure a combination of quality and beauty.

Whether you are browsing for some inspiration or looking for a free quote, our experts are just a call away. No matter the kind of shower you have, our professionals are capable of building a glass enclosure and making sure that the area is properly closed off.

Add Luxury with Our Quality Glass Showers Doors, and Mirrors in Toronto

We can provide you with a selection of countless choices for your bathroom and home interiors including shower enclosures, doors, glass railings and custom mirrors. Choose the hardware and style along with the customized look from traditionally classic to sleek contemporary, or anything in between. Whether you need a little help along the way or know exactly what you are looking for, our team of experienced professionals will be happy to assist you and provide ideas and suggestions you may need. Expect nothing but the best in customer service from our team.

Our Products and Services Include:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I visit Shower Lagoon?

Our main goal is to produce stylish and elegant glass shower enclosures, doors and custom mirrors which are practical and affordable. From design to installation, our experienced staff strives to provide with quality products that are capable of combining beauty and functionality for many years to come.

  1. Why should I choose a frameless glass shower enclosure?

Frameless enclosures have the ability to provide the bathroom area with a more open and large appearance. It is also easier to clean as there are more glass area and less metal-to-glass contact. Our frameless doors also have the ability to show off the beautiful wall marble or tile. The glass can provide a feeling of durability and luxury.

  1. Can the door be installed to swing into the shower?

Since only frameless shower doors have double acting hinges, they can swing both inwards and outwards. This can be a great advantage for small spaces with a confined area. However, framed doors can only swing outwards.

  1. Are there any tints or patterns used on the glass?

Clear glass is most commonly used. However, if you have any specific requirements, such as a baked enamel white with horizontal stripes, or a frosted raindrop pattern, we can arrange for that as well.

  1. Are the doors difficult to install?

All shower doors require drilling into the tile or marble during installation. It also needs to be on one level and needs special talent to apply the silicone sealant professionally. Hence, it is best to hire a professional who can do the job correctly.

  1. Are the mirrors available in different colours and prices?

The prices may vary based on the colour of the mirror. The most popular option is the clear option. Bronze and grey tinted ones are also becoming increasingly in demand but may be slightly more expensive than their alternatives.

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