This is Why You Need to Install a New Curbless-Shower in Your Bathroom

There is something special about stepping into a hot shower that helps rejuvenate your soul and awaken your senses. If you’re remodeling your bathroom and are looking to create a spa-like appearance, consider installing a luxurious curbless shower. It doesn’t matter if the style of décor is modern or traditional. This design perfectly upgrades your bathroom to a tranquil oasis.

There are many characteristics of a curbless shower that provide homeowners with a variety of advantages. From safety to maintenance, from open-concept to low cost, this option helps you transform your space in ways you had never imagined. In this blog post by Shower Lagoon, we highlight the benefits of installing a curbless shower in your bathroom.

  • Provides Safe Accessibility

A curbless shower can be beneficial to everyone from seniors to children. Healthcare costs are something we all struggle with, at one point or another. That along with the skyrocketing cost of living can burn a hole through your pocket in the blink of an eye. To ensure your family is safe, it’s vital to have bathrooms that work well and include features that offer accessibility. A young person might find it easy to get into a shower with a four-inch curb, but a senior person or someone with a physical disability, might find it quite difficult. Opting for a shower design that eliminates the curb, can help provide a safe experience for everyone in the family.

  • Makes the Area Appear Larger

When there is no curb leading to the shower area, the floor has the freedom to flow from one wall to another. This can aid in creating a seamless look that is sought-after by most homeowners as it makes the area appear larger. This feature can be especially handy in small and medium-sized bathrooms as the flooring isn’t being cut short by a curb.

  • Is Easy to Clean

It’s no surprise that most homeowners dislike cleaning their bathrooms. When you spend less time cleaning, you have more time to do other things and spend time with your family. Having to clean small corners of a shower enclosure that has a curb can be a complete nightmare. Not everyone has the accuracy and patience to clean the area. Over time this can result in a build-up of dirt and grime, which will cause more damage and leave you feeling frustrated.

However, a curbless shower makes cleaning a very simple, quick and easy task. You need not worry about challenging nooks and hard to reach areas. This shower design utilizes the space available more effectively. The ability to help open up the space to the rest of the bathroom, also makes it easier to reach in to clean. Also, homeowners should remember to pair hand-held shower heads with a curbless shower, which eliminate the need to bend down while cleaning the area.

  • Eliminates the Hassle & Cost of a Shower Door

Did you know that curbless showers don’t require a door? A variety of designs are open concept, which can help add both style and convenience to your space. Shower doors are also pretty expensive to purchase and install in your bathroom area. Cleaning them can even be a hassle as it’s a time-consuming task. A curbless walk-in shower eliminates the need of purchasing a new door and reduces the time spent on proper maintenance.

  • Effectively Retains Water

Since this design doesn’t include traditional barriers or doors, it’s reasonable for homeowners to be concerned that water make leak. However, the flooring in a curbless shower slopes slightly downward toward a drain, which helps keep all the water right where it belongs. This ensures that the water remains within the shower area. Professional contractors should know how to position the shower head, so the water is retained within the splash zone.

  • Provides Better Visibility

When your shower area is beautifully designed, having a curb with a standard style door can result in blocking the view of the tile accoutrements (if any) or intricate stonework. With the open-door concept of a curbless walk-in shower, the area is free of any barriers and can provide much better sight-lines. This is a subtle yet effective benefit that can be appreciated by everyone using the space.

  • Enhances the Design

Nowadays, curbless walk-in showers are available in countless designs with numerous accessory options. That can help homeowners customize the space according to your needs. It gives you the perfect opportunity to express your style, personality and decorative talent. Remodeling your bathroom to include this spa-like space can also help enhance the value of your home. Upgrading your shower offers a chance for you to create a timeless and chic look while also investing in your future.

Being beautiful and seamless, they provide visual and practical advantages over most of the older shower models. Now that you have learned their benefits, you can make an informed decision when designing your bathroom.

If you’re looking for high-quality bathroom products and fixtures, contact Shower Lagoon. We have a wide variety of shower designs, including curbless options that are perfect for both traditional and modern décor. Let our experts help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Contact us today!