The Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating with Mirrors

Mirror Decoration

Mirrors are more than just a necessity for your bathroom or closet and are considered to be versatile design tools used in home decor. They have the ability to make a small space look much bigger, add an affordable touch of glamour and also lighten up a dark room. However, you shouldn’t hang mirrors just anywhere. There are certain rules which you must adhere to when using mirrors to decorate your home. You must ensure proper alignment of the mirrors with other aspects of your home decor. To attain the best possible look, here are some do’s and don’ts of decorating your home with mirrors.

All Over the House

Mirrors have the ability to provide an illusion of depth to any room. However, this doesn’t mean that you should place them all over your home. You should make sure that the mirrors you place reflect something worthwhile. Reflections of random objects can be a huge faux pas in the interior decor industry. This is specifically true in the cases of mirrors reflecting things that are best kept hidden and other forms of clutter.

Small Rooms

Using mirrors to make a small room seem much larger than it is, is perhaps the most traditional way of incorporating them into a home. When being used in a small space, it gives the illusion of depth to a room, as already mentioned above. This is why you must not be scared of going all the way when using them. Position them in a place where they accentuate the most attractive features of the room. For example, a mirror can be placed above a table across a beautiful painting or reflecting a chandelier.

Reflection of Furniture

It is not necessary for the mirrors to stand on their own. Using mirrors to reflect furniture can be used to one’s benefit. A mirrored coffee table or a chest of drawers can visibly enhance a room. They provide the illusion that the space, items and the mirrors themselves aren’t real. When there is a huge piece of furniture in the room, a mirror can give the illusion that some of the parts disappearing. But keep in mind that this can only be done in rooms which don’t see much foot traffic. Installing it in a busy room poses the threat of accidents happening.

Focal Points

Incorporating mirrors as a focal point is a clever way to decorate your home. It is a bold object and should be placed in a corner. Lighting can be used to accentuate a kind of glow, which makes dressing rooms and bedrooms look irresistible. But, using mirrors in areas like a kitchen or bedroom needs to be minimized and carefully planned. Placing a mirror in a bedroom directly facing the bed makes the person see their own reflection every time they wake up or go to bed, creating a distraction. Using a mirror in a kitchen poses the risk of it getting watermarks. Also, remember that a mirror placed on the ceiling can make the room look tacky and should be avoided at all costs.

When thinking about using mirrors, you should make sure that they are placed in locations where they do not hinder the look or the comfort that the room provides. If you have children, ensure that all the mirrors are out of their way and avoid installing them in rooms they use for playing.