Elegant and functional sliding system for shower doors in Toronto

Sliding Shower Glass doors are sleek in appearance and smooth in operation. There are several useful features of sliding systems that make them preferred over hinged doors.

Benefits of Frameless Sliding Systems

  • While hinged doors are suitable for big bathrooms, sliding systems are ideal space-savers for smaller ones.
  • Grating or clattering sounds are a common problem with hinged doors. Sliding doors are less noisy.
  • Frameless sliding doors are easy to clean because there is less of a chance for soap scum and mould accumulation.
  • Sliding systems are a perfect blend of functionality and beauty.

Custom Sliding Frameless Shower Glass Door

You can choose from a varied range of finishes and features. Go for a round header bar or a rectangular one. Choose solid full-width headers for maximum strength. Besides the glass panel, the top track, bottom track and the side jambs are the most important parts that keep the door aligned.

Sliding Shower Glass Door Installation in Toronto

Only experienced installers can ensure perfectly aligned sliding doors. Shower Lagoon experts can help you design custom sliding glass systems for shower and bathtub enclosures. We plan the project according to the dimensions of your bathroom and the budget available.  We offer sliding shower door installation services in Toronto, Brampton and the rest of the GTA.

To get high-quality sliding systems for your shower enclosure, contact Shower Lagoon. Call us at 905-265-1476 for a free estimate. Click here to find out what our customers say about our services.

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