Durable Sliding Glass Doors in Toronto at the Best Price

Give Your Bathroom a Luxurious and Convenient Makeover with Sliding Glass Doors

Shower Lagoon is among the top companies operating in the Greater Toronto Area, providing the ultimate glass shower solutions. We design shower enclosures that follow the latest designs and technologies. Made from the highest grades of tempered glass, our shower enclosures and sliding glass doors at our Toronto showroom are available at competitive rates. Modern technologies make it easier to design more convenient options which are space-saving, beautiful and functional. We custom make the doors and enclosures to perfectly fit your bathroom.

Advantages of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass for shower enclosures look very elegant and sleek. Some other benefits they provide are:

  • Ideal space saver, making them suitable for smaller bathrooms.
  • Less noisy compared to hinged doors which often generate grating and clattering noises when opened.
  • Easier to clean because they are frameless. Chances of soap scum and mould accumulation are
  • Beautiful and neat, making them the perfect functional choice.
  • A safe choice as chances of accidents like bumping on the open door is negligible.
  • Durable as cracking or breakage at the hinges can be avoided by choosing these shower doors.
  • Versatile and can fit in any bathroom.

We make customized sliding shower doors and glass which are available in our Toronto showroom. Expert designers at the store can advise you regarding which is the best style to match your bathroom.

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How to Choose the Best Sliding Glass Doors?

There are different variations of the sliding glass doors and buyers often get confused as to which option is the best for them. The following tips will help you determine the best buy for your home.

  • The type of glass to be used- there are varied thicknesses and textures of glass available, each creating a unique look.
  • The measurements of the bathroom should be taken accurately by professionals so that the door fits perfectly.
  • Invest in the best hardware to ensure the sliding doors can smoothly operate.

FAQs on Sliding Glass Doors

Buyers often have several questions associated with this kind of door and its mechanism. Our experts have compiled some of the most common questions we face regarding this particular variant.

  • What is a sliding glass door?

They are also called bypass doors as one panel is fixed while the other slides behind or in front of the fixed panel. They have a header, sill and side jambs for smooth operation.

  • Why opt for custom doors?

Custom doors are designed to fit your bathroom in particular. You can choose from a variety of features and finishes when you customize your shower enclosure.

  • I have children and pets at home. Is it a safe choice for them?

Sliding glass doors are easier to operate than their hinged counterparts and hence safer and more comfortable for children. You can also bathe your pets safely in the enclosure with sliding doors. Accidents due to semi-opened door edges, common with hinged variants can be avoided.

Unique designs, customizations as per your needs and affordable rates make our products the best sliding glass doors available in Toronto. We have served this region for a long time and understand the individual tastes and trends of the area.

You can always explore our materials, hardware and pre-designed sliding glass doors when you visit our Toronto showroom.

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