Neo Angle Shower Glass

A frameless neo-angle shower glass is one of the most popular types of enclosures. It’s made with three to five glass panels enclosing the corner of your bathroom. The front door usually has 90-degree and 135-degree angles with the side glass panels. Typically, neo-angle enclosures are configured with a header, a transom and a knee wall on one or two sides.

Why Choose Us for Neo-Angle Shower Glass Installation

Hire us for your frameless neo-angle corner shower glass installation in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton or surrounding cities.

Planning according to the space available and the budget specified for the project, we assure:

  • Exact measurements of the existing layout
  • Neat installations in bathrooms with asymmetrical shapes
  • Use of high-quality fittings and durable hardware
  • Varied choices of hinges and handles
  • Customized shower glass in terms of panel thickness, tint, texture and finish

For professional and cost-effective shower glass installations anywhere in the GTA, contact Shower Lagoon. We offer versatile solutions for spacious, small-sized bathrooms, new or remodelled bathrooms.

Aside from shower and bathtub glass enclosures, we also install glass entrances, staircases and railings in commercial or residential buildings. Call us at 905-265-1476 for a free quote or drop a message here.

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Neo Angle Shower Glass

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Neo Angle Shower Glass

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