Glass Shower Door Installation – Mistakes to Avoid

A glass shower door adds aesthetic value to your bathroom and makes daily life more convenient. As it is a big investment, you need to install it carefully to prevent making mistakes and incurring repair costs later. A little research, pre-planning and professional consultation will help you to complete the task perfectly. Here, you will learn the mistakes to avoid when installing a glass shower door.

Glass Shower door installation

6 Glass Shower Door Installation Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Installing in an Uncleanable Space

One of the biggest mistakes in designing a bathroom is to create an uncleanable space. When installing a shower enclosure, you should not add a piece of glass next to a glass or tiled wall as water can flow between your glass shower door and the other wall. If the space is too small to clean or for water to dry quickly, it can lead to critical mould and mildew issues. It is advisable to consult professionals before installing your glass shower door. They can suggest modifications to hinder the creation of gaps where water gets inside and becomes difficult to clean.

  1. Ignoring Wet Floor and Leakage

High-quality glass shower enclosures come with caulk joints and vinyl seals to protect against destructive water drops. Make sure jets of water do not beat against areas at risk such as the attached side of a swinging door and seams between glass pieces. When water rushes against these parts of a glass shower door, it results in a wet floor and leakage. For a functional and relaxing shower enclosure, combine the different parts like shower apparatus and other amenities. Place the showerhead, sprays, and jets so they face fixed glass panels and tiled walls. Keep the water jets far from caulk joints between stationary panels and door panels.

  1. Not Checking the Shower Curb Slope

The slope of your shower curb is one of the most important things to consider for effective water containment. Ensure that the curb is not level and never slopes away from the door and towards the bathroom floor. Remember, the shower curb slope should have a ⅛ to ¼inch pitch toward the floor. Otherwise, it leads to water leaking beneath the door and into the bathroom. Improper shower curb slope promotes mould and mildew and may damage your floor. It also increases the risk of slipping and falling. Ask the professionals to build the required ⅛ to ¼-inch inward pitch to hinder water from seeping below the shower door. Think about adding a water dam or threshold.

  1. Choosing a Design with Ridges

Always choose a glass shower enclosure that is easy to clean and maintain. Failing to do so will reduce its working life. Frosted glass adds privacy but is tough to clean because of its texture. A cast glass shower door gives your bathroom a striking look, but prominent ridges make cleaning it difficult. Framed shower doors require a lot of work to clean the framing. Before investing in a glass shower door, figure out how easy it is to clean each type of glass. For easy shower door cleaning and maintenance, pick a clear glass with a smooth surface and a frameless design.

  1. Buying an Outdated Model

When it comes to choosing your new glass shower door, go for the latest trends to make your bathroom look stylish. Choosing a design used by homeowners years ago will make it look outdated. To add an elegant touch, replace your old shower door handle with one that looks sleek and modern. Place a new bathmat, towels and robe hooks near the shower enclosure to decorate your bathroom. Include more modern elements to your old shower door to give it a layered look and add depth to the room.

  1. Choosing a Swinging Door Mechanism

A swinging shower door looks great but can be trouble if not installed properly. Add it only if there is sufficient clearance around the shower for it to swing open freely. Look for a more space-friendly alternative to make your bathroom safer and more convenient. A bypass door is an affordable option and includes two movable door panels. The semi-frameless shower door keeps metal tracks clean, while a frameless slider adds visual appeal and makes cleaning easy. You can smoothly slide a single door panel and clean the metal framework with ease.

Installing a beautiful glass shower door in your bathroom takes your interior décor to the next level.  By avoiding the said mistakes, you can ensure a neat installation. To get it done perfectly and prevent costly repairs or replacement, you can hire professional glass door installers near you.