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Shower Lagoon has a reputation of consistently coming up with classy and high-quality showers, railings, entrances for homes in the GTA. We specialize in railings and can be your next shopping destination if you want sturdy and classy designs for your home, office, hotels, or commercial building. Interior glass railings in our Toronto showroom are designed by experienced interior experts. Our railings look and feel sleek, have a minimalist appeal but are very sturdy. Our interior glass stair railing kits are a popular choice for many clients.

Benefits of Interior Glass Railing Systems

Residential glass railing systems provide several benefits to residents who have them installed.

  • Unlike wood or concrete railings, glass railing systems are transparent.
  • They allow for a clear view of where you are stepping and also of the downstairs area.
  • They are very durable.
  • They are very easy to clean and maintain.
  • If properly maintained, scratches and fingerprints will not show on them.
  • Commercial glass railing systems instantly uplift the overall look of your home.
  • The transparency of the material adds to the appeal, making it a popular railing idea for any kind of home.

Shower Lagoon has various types of residential glass railing systems in its Toronto showroom. Discover which can become the perfect match for your home. We understand the individual preferences of our clients and custom-make the glass staircase railing accordingly.

You can explore our pre-designed products and get a free quote for your home or commercial area in an appointment with our experts.

Types of Interior Glass Railings

Glass railings are classified based on where they are being installed, the design and the grade of the glass being used. The following are certain variations of the interior glass railing that you will come across.

  • Interior glass railings often have a standoff platform which gives you more space when a number of people are using the staircase at a time.
  • Clamp post system also falls under the category of interior railings and the name is derived from the method of framing. They can be round or square.
  • Stainless steel cable post system looks sturdier than other types and has cables running in parallel to the glass.
  • Base shoe design is mainly found in interior and exterior railing to clamp and keep the glass in place and increase its resistance against any heavy impact.

A glass railing balcony has an exquisite appeal that can transform the entire look of your home. Our experts can advise you regarding the best match for your home considering all the circumstances like safety, pets and children, the available space and the budget.

If you’re looking for glass staircase railings in Toronto, then come pay us a visit. We have provided many such installations to a significant number of Canadian households in the region.

If you have any further queries and need consultation, feel free to contact our experts. We have experienced designers who have come up with some of the best interior glass railings in Toronto.

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