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Jan 3
Proper Utilization of Hardware for Best Shower Glass Enclosure

How to Utilize Hardware for the Best Glass Shower Enclosure

The current industry, manufacturing and dealing with bathroom accessories, is constantly upgrading itself to stay trendy. Behind all the contemporary designs, goes a lot of extensive research. A simple shower door like fixture is not sufficient enoug […]

Aug 3
Why Frameless Shower Enclosures are the Best

Why Frameless Shower Enclosures Are the Best

Modernization is a gift that should be embraced and not something to be resented. In the current ever-expanding and trendy industry dealing with bathroom accessories and their manufacturing, research is done to come up with the perfect design. Th […]

May 28
Type of Glass compressor

Choosing an Ideal Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

When planning the perfect bathroom, there are many decisions you have to make, including the styles and colours that work best in your space. The fittings and fixtures you install in your bathroom greatly depend on these decisions and play a huge rol […]

Apr 24
Right Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

Potential homebuyers usually want to have at least one bathtub in their new home. However, many of them are also getting rid of their bathtub-shower combination and replacing them with shower enclosures. These enclosures tend to make a bathroom l […]

Jan 10

Upkeep of Glass Doors and Enclosures is Not Difficult

One of the reasons glass enclosures and fixtures are so popular, is because of the elegance they lend to a home. However, dirty glass is immediately noticeable because of its transparent properties. Glass needs to always be kept sparkling clean to av […]

Nov 4

How Sturdy Glass Can Glamorize Your Bathroom

Commonly glass is considered to be brittle in nature. But glass panels used in construction are hardened to endure and stay firm in response to internal or external pressure. Done with the primary necessity, the improved techniques of manufacturing d […]

Oct 4

Improve the Charm of Your Bathtub with Glass Enclosure

Bath tubs are adored by all, from toddlers, young adults to aged individuals. You treasure bathing at ease as the water refreshes you for the upcoming day. Unlike a common shower, where you need to stand; a bathtub heightens the comfort by allowing y […]