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Sep 1

Things to Consider Before Buying a Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door adds depth and style to any bathroom design. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom with a glass shower door instead of shower curtains, you must carefully evaluate the available options. In this blog post, we’ll discuss s […]

Feb 7

Should You Install Shower Curtains or Glass Doors?

An often-debated topic when it comes to designing a bathroom is whether to choose shower curtains or a glass shower door. The choice will ultimately come down to personal taste, but factors like style, maintenance, utility and cost that should be […]

Aug 14

Ditch those Curtains for Glass Shower Doors

For anyone who loves beauty and functionality in one frame inside their bathroom, shower doors are a key thin to take into consideration. An unpleasant bathroom is undoubtedly a readymade turn off for one and all. Hence, looking good is important and […]

Aug 14

Selecting the Right Shower Door-Knowing the Basics

Choosing the right kind of shower door is a “spoilt for choice” game if you don’t know the basics. We tend to make mistake while choosing the right kind of shower door for our bathrooms and restrooms and the result is how we end up choosing a shower […]