Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while renovating the shower enclosure of your Toronto home or when replacing it. Along with the fittings, style, and functionality, it should also be able to make your washroom stand out. Tiles play an important role when it comes to interior designing. Nothing works better in getting you a specific ambience for your washroom. However, we understand that making the right choice can be confusing at times. A professional interior designer can guide you on this. If you are wondering about which option to choose, then this blog will help you understand the types of materials and their distinctive characteristics.

Importance of Choosing the Right Material

Choosing the perfect material to be put on your shower walls or bathtub surrounding is not as easy as people often think. There are numerous factors you need to keep in mind when you are trying to get the best material for the shower enclosure of your home. To get a better grasp of contemporary bathroom décor ideas, you need to do some research. Learn about the different characteristics of each and every material to understand what is the best suited for your specific needs. Of course, there are the common requirements of the material being water resistant, decorative, enduring, and easy to clean. Frameless shower enclosures work well with a variety of shower walls and floor types. A few commonly used materials for bathtub and covering of shower floor and walls are, fibreglass one-piece units, acrylic sheet materials, cultured marble, marble and natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.

Fibreglass One-Piece Units

These are the usual preference for builders when the house is first built. They are a cheaper option and are not too difficult to install. Fibreglass one-piece units are fixed prior to the construction of the bathroom walls. The seamless design, of these products prevents water leakage into the walls.

If you are looking forward to remodelling, then it is definitely not the best choice for you. The one-piece unit will not be easy to fit through most shower entrances as the shower enclosure walls will already be in one place. In that case, ripping the partition walls and doorways will be an expensive affair. Another problem with fibreglass one-piece units is that they turn yellowish over time.

Acrylic Sheet Materials

This material is more popular for its decorative designs and variety of colours. There are manufacturers who develop kits containing acrylic sheets separately for the purpose of covering each side of a tub or shower. This material can be easily installed, is not too expensive, and can fit through any shower entrance.

The problem with acrylic sheet materials, however, is that there isn’t much variety in sizes, especially If you have a non-standard sized shower. The plastic-like surface gets easily scratched and cleaning becomes more difficult with time.

When installing, builders tend to quickly slap the sheets up with glue and caulk. Caulk looks good initially, but it causes a lot of problems in the long run. Most caulk seams are susceptible to fungal contamination and with time, becomes discoloured.

Cultured Marble or Solid Surface Sheet Materials

These products may appear more durable, but they are just as sensitive to the same problems as acrylic sheets. There is no way to make these materials permanently waterproof and the surface can easily get scratched. They are much more expensive than acrylic sheets as well. Contractors will insist you to use a squeegee after every shower, but that is not always a feasible solution.

Marble and Natural Stone Tiles

They may be popular, but they are also the most difficult to maintain. The reason behind this is that most natural stones are porous by nature; leaving room for soap and mineral absorption. Due to this, they discolour over time and lose their beautiful appearance. This process is irreversible as the stones cannot be restored to their previous beauty. Sealers are available to make the natural stone last longer, but even that doesn’t go beyond 6 months. Natural stones are as beautiful as they are fragile. The smarter option is to choose man-made tiles which resemble the beauty of these natural stones but doesn’t come with the maintenance hassles.

Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

These man-made tiles, covered in a protective glaze coat baked in a kiln, come in various shapes, sizes, qualities, colours, textures, and patterns. Naturally, this leaves a lot of room for creativity and decorative designs. These are very high-quality products that all last really long. Even though they might cost as much or more than a solid surface sheet material, their excellent quality makes them a worthy investment.

You will not find any noticeable difference between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles at a glance. These two products are very much alike and they feel similar too. But there are few significant distinctions between these two types of tile flooring choices.

Both these tiles are manufactured from a mixture of red or white clay, but porcelain tiles are made from a more refined clay and at a high temperature, making them denser and a more expensive tile than ceramic ones. Porcelain tiles are more water resistant, durable and have a longer lifespan too. They also require very little maintenance and can stand their ground against moisture. This is the reason that they are highly stain-proof as well.

On the other hand, unglazed ceramic tiles have a more natural feel to it, while other tiles require an artificial glazing coat for proper functioning. This advantage makes ceramic tiles much more cost-effective, and long-lasting; only second to porcelain tiles. They are perfect for bathroom flooring and can last well under such a moist environment. Due to their water-resistant properties, you can easily wipe the floor clean. Ceramics also can be infused with dyes for more diverse tile flooring options.

The resilience that makes porcelain and ceramic tiles durable, also makes it harder to install them. You will need expert help to make sure that they are fixed in the right way. Rest assured that this decision will prove to be sensible and cost-effective in the long run. For a complete bathroom remodelling, or to increase space in your shower, get décor ideas from Shower Lagoon.