Custom Mirrors – Ways to Stylize Your Rooms

Mirrors are raging components of interior décor. Their appeal is continuously trialed to provide every user with different mirror ornament. This distinction is made possible by customizing reflecting the customer’s taste through artistic. There are numerous manners in which a mirror can be finished to customer’s anticipated perfection. Remain assured, there’s a sea of diversities awaiting you.

A Custom Mirror

  • With a custom mirror there is nothing generic. Even casual rectangular, oval and square mirrors are excelled with precise cuts of beveled edges. The result is so unique that you can exclude the thought of binding the mirror in a frame.
  • There is nothing that can constraint the capacity of customizing mirrors as per your need. Whatever style, shape and polish you aspire will flawlessly get combined into one piece of mirror. Any left-over area, which you require to fill can be augmented with an affordable mirror of alluring outline and size.
  • The unconstrained application of design makes it suitable for every corner of your home. The shimmering surface will reflect light and illuminate a room to appear bigger. A customized mirror will demand the attention of your visitor expressing your excellent aesthetic sense.
  • You can also complement the exquisiteness of a customized mirror with a matching frame. Oftentimes, a frame compatible with the wall or furniture color, where it is meant to be mounted. Brilliant contrasts of matte and gloss effects work magically to jazz up any setting – modern or traditional.

The Style to Choose from

  • Long rectangular custom mirrors: To utilize the space of a bedroom better, often modern decoration insist to fix cabinets on wall itself. Here, the concept of space usage can be further upgraded by installing vertically long rectangular mirrors onto the cabinet, customized in keeping with its door measurements.
  • With arch ornamental frame: A simple mirror in the living room or drawing room can look peerless, when it is partially surrounded by white frame in the shape of arch with traditional decorative extensions at left and right sides.
  • Custom mirror with tiered beveled edges: Here you allow the mirror to do the work on its own. Without any added factor to impress, tiered down beveled edges are added in any normal rectangular mirror at the top and on any one side as you suggest.
  • Entire side of a wall composed of glass: Such an idea can be undoubtedly applied in wet areas like that of bathrooms and kitchens. A mirror is cut to be customized as per the specifications of your wall. While anything cemented on a wall is endangered to get affected by water, a mirror on the other hand protects the wall itself from frequent splashes of water.
  • Mirror with lights: Even mediocre rectangular mirrors can be transformed into a esoteric embellishment with the use of lights. The glass cutting professionals will fine the edges of the mirrors and then mount say two such rectangular mirrors side by side on a wall with some gap in between. The dissimilarity is presented by placing three stands of tubular light, one in the gap and the other two on the exposed sides of the two mirrors respectively.

Custom mirrors are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Regular or occasional wiping with mild cleaners will remove the dirt deposited on the surface. You can hide any imperfection in your home by covering it with a consummate mirror of your choice.