Reflect Your Personality with Custom Mirrors in Toronto

There are various techniques you can use to make a difference in your decor and improve the overall look and feel of your home. However, none can be more effective than adding a custom mirror in your home in Toronto from Shower Lagoon. They will be a great fit for any room they are placed in. The possibilities that our custom mirrors provide are endless.

Whether you have a century style home, modern or something in between, our custom wall mirror solutions are the finest. They have the ability to take your interior’s design to the next level and work well to impress your guests.

State-of-the-Art Custom Mirrors in Toronto

Installing custom mirrors in your home in Toronto can help you create an illusion of more space than there actually is in a room. They are capable of making a room feel more spacious and larger. Installing one can also help you avoid costly and unnecessary renovations.  You can add a sense of luxury and style with our custom mirrors as there is a vast range of designs to choose from.

Regardless of the configuration and space you want to work with, our mirrors can be customised to fit any space and decor. We are the best choice for you in Toronto for any mirror related work you need to get done. Our experienced professionals have years of experience which gives us the edge over other companies. Our outstanding workmanship and a strong desire for quality can help give your home the extra brightness and space you’ve been looking for.

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A Guide to Decorating Your Walls with Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are a great addition to any home. They have the ability to make the space seem larger, they duplicate views and also reflect light, making the space seem much brighter. Depending on their placement and size, they can spruce up your home’s decor. Here is a guide to help you decorate your home using custom mirrors.

Horizontal Rectangle

This type of orientation is great to fill spaces with lengthy expanses. This is why many people choose to place them above a fireplace mantle. They can also be hung above a low, long sideboard, in an entryway spot, or in rooms which have a less-than-lofty ceiling, whereas a tall mirror could make it look and feel lower than it already is.

Vertical Rectangle

This is one of the most popular shapes because of its classic form and versatility. Its shape resembles that of paintings, and so it can be placed in areas where you would consider hanging paintings, like above the mantle. Hanging two vertical rectangle mirrors on opposite walls can add incredible depth to a room. To add an extra element of style in your bathroom, consider hanging a matching pair above double sinks.

Large Round

Large round mirrors have the ability to tie a room together as they create a focal point with a high impact. Circles are also easy to straighten with as there are no worries regarding levelling. The thin edge and absence of a frame make them appear nonchalant and cool. You can add one to the wall behind your desk to turn it into an instant vanity.

Small Round

Adding a small round mirror anywhere can add instant life to the space. You can hand one in a windowless corner to add a dash of brightness. You can also add a cluster of small round mirrors above a long couch to make for a stellar alternative to gallery walls.