May 5

How to Caulk Your Bathtub and Shower the Right Way

A rather important, but often ignored part of your bathroom installation is the white, squishy caulking in your tub or shower. Other than a good finish material and a waterproofing base, caulking probably plays the most important role in preventing w […]

May 4

How to Decorate Your Bathroom with Custom Mirrors

Decorating the household bathroom with mirrors has been an age-old practice. They are the simplest solution to spruce up any interior, which makes them an important part of the design. Whether your space has a contemporary look, or a more traditional […]

Apr 1

How to Protect Your Glass Shower from Hard Water Buildup

Hard water is one of the most common obstacles in keeping your glass shower bright and beautiful. Although it is not particularly harmful to your health, it can cause damage to your shower wall, door and bathtub. The presence of hard water in your ar […]

Mar 5
Different Types of Shower Glass

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Shower Glass

When you are thinking of replacing, upgrading, or installing a new shower enclosure in your bathroom, you need to pay special attention to the most crucial and customizable part of the design, which is the glass of the shower door. However, with so m […]

Mar 4
Reasons to Consider Custom Mirror Installation

5 Reasons to Consider Custom Mirror Installation

There are very few decorations as simple and versatile as a mirror when you are looking to accentuate the aesthetics of your home. Whether it is to reflect light or make your space appear bigger, installing custom mirrors can be a very efficient meth […]