Nov 4
Glass Shower door installation

Glass Shower Door Installation – Mistakes to Avoid

A glass shower door adds aesthetic value to your bathroom and makes daily life more convenient. As it is a big investment, you need to install it carefully to prevent making mistakes and incurring repair costs later. A little research, pre-planning a […]

Sep 3

6 Ways to Make Bathing a Baby in the Bathtub Safer

Safety should always be prioritized when planning and designing a luxurious bathroom. When you have infants and toddlers, the most innocent accessories, décor and furniture pieces can cause major accidents if you are not cautious. The recent shocking […]

Aug 2
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How to Mix and Match Bathroom Hardware Finishes

When it comes to hardware, we emphasize function over aesthetics, but appearance is equally important. Hardware acts as jewellery for your home, and it has a major influence on creating the right tone of a room, even if it does not take up much space […]

Aug 1
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What Is the Difference Between Etched and Frosted Glass?

When talking about glass shower enclosures, it is natural to be curious about the most important part of the design, i.e. the glass. And when it comes to glass shower enclosures in Toronto, consumers have many options. To help choose the right kind, […]

Jul 1

Why You Should Invest in a Frameless Shower Door

Whether you have a magnificent, big bathroom or a basic, small one; the interior of this confined space will always have a major role to play in the overall representation of your house. And what can be more refined than a glass door as the ultimate […]