How to Decorate Your Bathroom with Custom Mirrors

Decorating the household bathroom with mirrors has been an age-old practice. They are the simplest solution to spruce up any interior, which makes them an important part of the design. Whether your space has a contemporary look, or a more traditional one, there is a custom mirror available for every type of bathroom style.

However, in spite of its importance in terms of style and beauty, many people often fail to notice the significance of the mirror beyond their own reflection. Choosing the right custom mirrors for decorating a bathroom can be a challenging task, as it relies on both your aesthetic choice and budget.

Choosing the Perfect Mirror for Bathroom Decoration

Here are a few factors that you need to consider when looking through different types of modern bathroom mirrors.

Width of the Mirror

There are three unofficial rules for the interior designing of your bathroom that you can consider.

  1. Try not to let it be wider than the bathroom vanity unit (which is a sink or a basin combined with storage space) itself, as it can look awkward.

Custom Mirrors – Bathroom Décor Ideas

  1. On the other hand, working with custom mirrors, that are less wide than the bathroom vanity tops allows scope for more creative design ideas. A mismatch between the mirror and vanity means that you would have to play with different ideas, for example, add a frame to make the mirror seem wider.

small bathroom mirrors

  1. The best option is a custom mirror with about the same width as the vanity top for creating a symmetrical appearance. This is a rather modern take on the older designs, which came with mirrors attached to the countertop.


Length of the Mirror

When it comes to length, there are a lot of options you can try. The full-length ones, also called wall-to-wall mirrors, will work perfectly if you have a large master bathroom with a lot of extra space. There are ornate full-size wall mirrors with shiny frames that you can use as the grand focal point of the room. The added benefit is that unlike with the smaller ones, you can see your reflection in them from any angle. If you do not shy away from using your entire bathroom wall, then these items can be a grand piece of attraction for your guests.

Full-Length Bathroom Mirrors

While full-length mirrors, can give your bathroom a grand appearance, the customized ones offer more variety in dimension and style.

The frame of the Mirror

You have two options to choose from:

  1. Framed
  2. Frameless

If the mirror is less wide than the vanity countertop, then you can use the frame to minimize the imbalance. Of course, when it comes to enhancing the look of your bathroom, the minimalist frameless ones lead the way.

Placing of the Mirror

The general rule is to keep the item about a foot above and below the line of sight of the average person. The average height of the members in your family will impact this decision, but in general, the decorative item remains somewhere between 4 and 6 feet above the floor.

Different Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Here are a few ideas you can follow when designing your space with bathroom mirrors.

a) Double Mirrors

Double Mirrors

If you have a really wide vanity top, then this is the option to go for. It works especially well for a double vanity top, where you can place one mirror above each sink. But you can hang them over a single sink too, to emphasize the wall without having to completely cover it with glass. Just make sure that the second mirror is parallel to the first one.

Pro Tip: You can further add some depth in the design by placing light fixtures, such as a sconce within the space between the two mirrors.

b) Round Mirrors

Round Mirrors

One of the classic choices for bathroom, the round mirror helps soften the sharp angles, that are so popular in contemporary décor.

c) Gilded Mirrors

Gold gilded Mirrors

Gilded frames highlight the silvery surface of the mirror, while also adding elegance to even an otherwise casual setting.

d) Triptych Mirrors

Triptych Mirrors

This is perfect if you are interested in giving a Hollywood dressing room-like vibe to your bathroom. You have the option of hanging the item above the sink, or you can create your own vanity with a vintage table with the mirror on top of it.

e) Mirrored Wall

Mirrored Wall

Feeling confused by all these shapes and sizes?

Just install a mirrored wall, and your bathroom will seem a lot bigger and brighter.

There is not really any right or wrong way when it comes to designing your bathroom vanity. Whether you choose a double mirror or go with a full-length one, there is a custom design available for your choice. You can even choose vintage decorative styles to add more character to your space. Just remember to keep an open mind when selecting, as these items have the ability to completely transform your interiors if applied right.