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2nd July, 2019

Whether it is your exterior porch, balcony, or the interiors, having outdoor or indoor glass railing systems can give a bold style statement to the décor. It has been a ground-bre

1st July, 2019

Whether you have a magnificent, big bathroom or a basic, small one; the interior of this confined space will always have a major role to play in the overall representation of your

31st May, 2019

Transforming your bathroom space with frameless glass shower enclosure can work wonders, but you need to pay attention to the other important elements too, like the hardware and th

30th May, 2019

When you are installing bathroom accessories and hardware, simply getting the latest products is not going to be enough. Unless you get the accessories installed properly, your bat

5th May, 2019

A rather important, but often ignored part of your bathroom installation is the white, squishy caulking in your tub or shower. Other than a good finish material and a waterproofing