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5 Advantages of Choosing Shower Doors over Shower Curtains

Whether you have a large or a small bathroom, a common question among homeowners is if they should go for a shower door or a shower curtain. Which is best depends on several factors such as budget, desired privacy, ease of cleaning and maintenance, etc. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five advantages of choosing glass shower doors over shower curtains. No Water Leakage Water leaking out from the shower area is a common problem seen in most bathrooms. The problem worsens as the water reaches Read more [...]

4 Tips to Make Your Shower Doors Shine

Soap scum, water spots and mineral deposits on your glass shower doors can make your entire bathroom seem untidy. When you don’t perform proper cleaning, these build-ups start accumulating on the glass surface, gradually causing etching and permanent damage. If your shower door has started to appear cloudy recently, it’s high time to give it a deep clean and maintain and begin a regular cleaning regime. Here are some simple tips to clean your shower doors and keep it shining like new. Read more [...]

Factors to Consider when Installing Right Shower Door

What makes you feel relaxed? Is it a good sleep, delicious meal or a bath in the shower? One of the best ways to get refreshed without spending much is to take a bath in the shower after a busy day. It comforts, relieves and revitalizes you considerably. Installing a frameless or semi-framed shower door is the perfect solution to add beauty to the bathroom. This blog unfolds some factors that will guide your shower door installation project. Consider the design and functionality: Bathroom renovation Read more [...]

Make small bathrooms appear bigger

For most homes, it is common to have small bathrooms. Most of the area of a house is allocated to more important areas like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, patios, study, etc. This really leaves less space for bathrooms. But there are easy tips and tricks to make your bathroom appear bigger than what it actually is. These are applicable to any small place to which you wish to give an enlarged look and feel. However, these suggestions are better off while implemented in a bathroom. Read more [...]

Pocket-friendly ideas for a quick bathroom makeover

Akin to other rooms in a house, bathrooms also require makeovers to retain that brightness of a newly decorated bathroom. Makeovers largely depend on how much time and money you are in a position to spare to infuse some life into your old and staid bathroom. But it is always possible to make a few quick changes and yet breathe some life into your existing bathroom. You need not spend a fortune or immaculately plan for a makeover. Here we share a few simple yet brilliant ideas that will not burn holes Read more [...]