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What to Do When You Have a Leaking Shower Door

Leaking shower doors are one of the most common bathroom problems for many homes. Whether caused by missing or damaged door sweeps, insufficient sealing or improper installation, leakages can cause a lot of problems if left ignored. They can lead to mold and mildew growth in your bathroom, drywall, and damage flooring, sub-flooring and baseboards. For framed or frameless shower doors, you’ll just a need simple repair that you can manage by yourself in most cases. Here’s a quick guide on how Read more [...]

Accessorize your bathroom for a different look and feel

Accessories are crucial to a bathroom’s look. You may have installed the best bath tub or glass shower, floor tiles, sink, faucets, toilet, etc. but it is all meaningless if the accessories aren’t proper. They ought to give a co-ordinated look and feel along with the rest of the bathroom equipment. This requires you to invest time and thought into your choice of accessories. When it comes to accessories, sky is the limit as there are countless variants for every accessory. But what you choose Read more [...]

3 Fabulous Designs for your Bathroom… Which One will be Yours

Planning for a bathroom renovation is quite a hassle as most of the time you get overwhelmed with many different ideas. And then again all design ideas do not fit with yours. Bathrooms mostly vary in terms of size and shape and so do the remodeling plans. But to keep up with a smart and fresh look, there’s no match to a frameless shower enclosure. Frameless showers are chic and very much a product of its time, yet they lend a timeless look to your bathroom. Being larger in shape than the regular Read more [...]