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4 Bathroom Installation Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are several challenges that you may face. It costs a lot of your valuable time, money and effort. However, nothing is worse than discovering that your dream bathroom isn’t living up to your expectations. Bad installation jobs can introduce a host of problems to your bathroom and affect the way you use it. Here are 4 common bathroom installation mistakes that you should avoid. Buying the Wrong Shower Glass Door A shower glass enclosure Read more [...]

Quick and Easy Tips for a Sparkling Bathroom

Bathroom is a heavy duty place which has to endure a lot. People often find it hard to clean and maintain it properly. Cleaning can be really simple if you know some clever shortcuts. • After-shower love Show some love to your washroom after you have taken a shower. As soon as you are done, use a squeegee to get rid of all residues from the surface. This will not take up much of time but leave you with clean floor tiles. Next take a piece of cloth or microfibre towel and give a quick rub down Read more [...]

Porcelain Shower Tiles- Flavour of the Season

There is a large variety of options in bathroom floor tiles and porcelain often comes out as top choice for many. Indeed, very few materials can match up to the beauty, low maintenance and comfort it offers. This post aims at highlighting the attributes for its popularity which is available in a mind-boggling assortment of patterns and colours. • Durability The biggest benefit of installing this tile is the assurance of its endurance. Despite constant traffic of people, you can almost be sure Read more [...]

Planning Ahead for a Smooth Bathroom Renovation

A warm, relaxing bath after a long, cold day is exactly what we require to unwind. So in a way, bathrooms become our havens. To maintain this feeling, we often have the need to give the room a complete makeover. Before proceeding, it always helps to plan ahead so that there are minimum obstructions in the process. • Style and design When planning for renovation, the first thing is to decide on what style to adopt. Tastes vary across people and choices made should reflect that. Decide on the paint Read more [...]