Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Contractor

Having a bad experience with a contractor hired to take care of your remodelling project is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. This can result in a poorly constructed or an incomplete remodel. People who are inexperienced at remodelling are at risk of hiring a bad contractor. Here are some tips to help you choose a reputable contractor to avoid having a negative remodelling experience. Conduct Thorough Research This is the first step you should take when looking for a contractor for your Read more [...]

How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Styling and smart design can make a tiny space work well. Even though your bathroom may be on the smaller side, it doesn’t mean it can’t feel big. Various design tricks are used by interior designers to create an illusion of more space than there actually is. You can do the same. Here are some tips you can employ to achieve a functional bathroom, however small it is in reality. Use light colours Using light colours in a small space creates an illusion of it being larger than it is. This Read more [...]

How to Avoid Bathroom Condensation

Condensation is a common concern for every bathroom. It’s an extremely humid environment where a lot of moisture is released in an indoor environment and into the air. Condensation happens when cold air meets the hot steam and forms tiny droplets on mirrors, windows or any tough surface. The hotter the vapour is, the more moisture the air will hold. Condensation can cause several problems including mould stains and peeling wallpapers. There are some steps that can be taken to reduce the effects Read more [...]

Design Ideas for a No-Threshold Shower

A no-threshold shower is among the most modern designs for contemporary bathrooms. A design which extends from the bathroom floor and seamlessly into the shower area, it does away with the common curbing and edging around a shower area. With so many remodelling ideas for your bathroom, it’s best to conduct your own research for your bathroom modernization project. Take a look at some benefits and downsides of a no-threshold shower design to help you decide if it’s the most suitable option for Read more [...]

How to Design a Safe & Comfortable Bathroom for Active Seniors

Most seniors these days want to maintain their active and independent lifestyle, whether they stay in their current home or move into retirement communities. However, active seniors may face certain physical challenges such as mobility issues, inability to see and sense with ageing. When these challenges set in, it requires some degree of change in their living space. With the right products and design decisions, you can recreate their living spaces to accommodate their present and future needs. Read more [...]