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22nd July, 2015

Glass shower doors look elegant and add chutzpa to the entire bathroom, besides adding the illusion of space. Apart from opaque glass, all other kinds – like the transparent and

16th March, 2015

Bathroom is a heavy duty place which has to endure a lot. People often find it hard to clean and maintain it properly. Cleaning can be really simple if you know some clever shortcu

4th March, 2015

There is a large variety of options in bathroom floor tiles and porcelain often comes out as top choice for many. Indeed, very few materials can match up to the beauty, low mainten

25th February, 2015

A warm, relaxing bath after a long, cold day is exactly what we require to unwind. So in a way, bathrooms become our havens. To maintain this feeling, we often have the need to giv

2nd February, 2015

Accessories are crucial to a bathroom’s look. You may have installed the best bath tub or glass shower, floor tiles, sink, faucets, toilet, etc. but it is all meaningless if the