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11th July, 2016

Bold advent of glass as shower enclosures, soon found firm and massive place for itself. This popularity made the manufacturers and service providers come up with ground-breaking p

4th July, 2016

Installing frameless shower door is a great addition to your bathroom. You will find different models of shower doors depending on your requirement and budget. Many modern bathroom

4th July, 2016

Why only in movies? Even in real life, big or small, basic to grandiose, bathrooms attract our critical eye. We seem to get meticulous about small things when it comes to bathrooms

16th June, 2016

Whether you are planning a renovation for your old house or just a makeover of interiors, you would definitely want a sophisticated and luxurious look for your abode. Hanging large

25th May, 2016

What makes you feel relaxed? Is it a good sleep, delicious meal or a bath in the shower? One of the best ways to get refreshed without spending much is to take a bath in the shower