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11th January, 2017

Having natural light in the morning does a lot for your mood. It relaxes you, so you can take on the challenges of the day. Frameless glass shower doors let in a great deal more li

10th January, 2017

One of the reasons glass enclosures and fixtures are so popular, is because of the elegance they lend to a home. However, dirty glass is immediately noticeable because of its trans

4th January, 2017

What comes to your mind on hearing the two words – “Towel Bars”? A casual plastic tiered rack or single metallic rod attached to the bathroom wall. What if you are informed t

4th November, 2016

Commonly glass is considered to be brittle in nature. But glass panels used in construction are hardened to endure and stay firm in response to internal or external pressure. Done

4th November, 2016

Glass is the foremost consideration even for styling home and commercial establishments. Apart from the shimmering elegance of glass, it has multiple utilities, which is making it